• Rake without loading Rails

    With a simple change, you can avoid loading Rails when running bin/rake but still keep bin/rails working.

  • Regex anchors in Ruby and PostgreSQL

    Regular expressions (regex) in Ruby and PostgreSQL differ in a slightly confusing way when it comes to the meaning of /Z.

  • Use ERB in your .rspec file to skip requiring byebug on CI

    You might already be using RSpec’s .rspec file to avoid having to add the require 'spec_helper' line at the top of all your spec files.

  • Database migration strategies

    Most web applications use a database to persist state. Since the database is separate from the application and changes cannot be made to both simultaneously, there are various strategies for keeping them in sync.

  • Silencing tzinfo-data Bundler warnings

    If you’ve ever created a new Rails app and then ran bundle install on a Unix-like system, you’ve probably seen this warning:

    The dependency tzinfo-data (>= 0) will be unused by any of the platforms Bundler is installing for. Bundler is installing for ruby but the dependency is only for x86-mingw32, x86-mswin32, x64-mingw32, java. To add those platforms to the bundle, run bundle lock –add-platform mingw, mswin, x64_mingw, jruby.

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